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AXA - We're Restless for a Reason

We wanted to re-define the AXA brand, making it more modern, human and emotional and in doing so
celebrate all the great things the brand does to improve people's lives.

Our 'We're Restless for a Reason' campaign shows how, by investing in life-improving research
and by developing new products and services, AXA is striving to improve the lives of its customers.



ŠKODA - The Climb

We redefined what the ŠKODA brand stands for, shrugging off old perceptions and appealing to a younger audience.

'The Climb' launched our Driven by Something Different platform. A ŠKODA is for those who know their own minds and make their own choices in life.

This campaign helped ŠKODA to its best sales quarter in the company's history.



Expedia - Wonderful World

In a category that often downplays the importance of travel in our lives, we showed that Expedia understands how important travel is. Our campaign demonstrated this as we gave real people life-changing experiences that were only possible through travel.



The Search For The Milk Tray Man

How do you bring back an icon who's been off Britain's screens for 13 years?

We created a nationwide competition, open to all, to find the next Milk Tray Man.



ŠKODA - Little Bit of the Tour

We proved that ŠKODA is as passionate about cycling today as it was 120 years ago when it started as a company that made bicycles. We created an online tool which matched the roads of the UK to the route of the Tour de France, enabling anyone who can ride to experience a Little Bit Of The Tour.



Deliveroo - The Food You Love Delivered

We showed that Deliveroo is more than just a fast food delivery company - that it's the opportunity to have the food you love delivered direct to your door - and celebrated the role that great food has in our lives. 



ŠKODA - The Alternative Rich List

To show the UK what it means to be Driven By Something Different we created 'The Alternative Rich List', a sixteen page supplement bound into the famous Sunday Times Rich List. Generating fantastic PR, 'The Alternative Rich List' was filled with people who are living proof that 'rich' and 'wealthy' are two very different words.



Cadbury - Adopt A Cow

How do you prove that Cadbury Dairy Milk is made with fresh British milk?

We invited people to adopt the cows that produce it.


Each cow had its own profile and video.



ŠKODA - Reconnect

We demonstrated how being Driven by Something Different is about knowing what matters most in life. So we showed how the new Kodiaq helps you reconnect with what matters most.



ebookers - Perfect For You

We know that everyone wants something different from their trip, so we showed how with ebookers you can create your perfect travel experience.



Cadbury  - Milk Tray 2016

Having found our new Milk Tray man we wanted to create a classic Milk Tray commercial.



Alzheimer's Society - Gone

How do you raise awareness of a disease most people think will never affect them?

For Alzheimer's Society, we made people feel what it was like to suffer with Alzheimer's.




We wanted to make Cadbury an icon for joy at Christmas. So we handed over the reins to the most pure hearted group of people we could think of.  Children. 24 of them to be precise. Who brought joy to the UK in the 24 days leading up to Christmas.



Cadbury - Tastes Like This Feels

To demonstrate the delicious taste of Cadbury chocolate we created a campaign that brought to life the feeling you get when you eat it.