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ŠKODA karoq

a car launch campaign that looked like a UK single release


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The track and the campaign were launched with a secret gig for selected Paloma superfans, getting the ball rolling on making the song famous. The gig was filmed and posted on ŠKODA's and Paloma's social channels. The 60" TV ad was launched during The Voice UK



Raising awareness of the battle for equality in womens cycling through partnerships with J-1 and The Telegraph


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The 4x4 launch campaign featuring Sir Bradley in the film and an OOH campaign that used live data to inspire people to reconnect

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the climb

The ŠKODA campaign that launched the new brand positioning for Driven by Something Different


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We created an online tool which matched UK roads to the route of the Tour de France, enabling cyclists to experience a Little Bit Of The Tour.

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ŠKODA-The Alternative Rich List

To show the UK what it means to be Driven By Something Different we created ‘The Alternative Rich List'


A sixteen page supplement bound into the famous Sunday Times Rich List. Generating fantastic PR, 'The Alternative Rich List' was filled with people who are living proof that 'rich' and 'wealthy' are two very different words

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